Venus & the Cat premium luxury street art modern art homeware exclusive limited edition signed artist card Katrina Russell Adams

Venus & the Cat | Great British street art in limited edition fine bone china

Acquiring one of 50 | Exclusive Limited Edition Venus & the Cat luxury fine bone china street art.

Venus & the Cat presents the very best in classical fine bone china made bespoke in the heart of the British Potteries, fused with our unique commissions from renowned UK street artists.

Whether your interest is in art collecting, investing in new and modern art, owning limited edition pieces or perhaps acquiring the very best in fine bone china, Venus & the Cat is creating for you an opportunity to make a significant investment not only in your living environment but in the future value of these pieces.

Exclusive Limited Editions:

  • Each piece is numbered from 1-50 on its base stamp, identifying its place in the limited run. This can be found alongside the firing of the artist's signature and the name of the bespoke, original artwork that was commissioned by Venus & the Cat for the piece.

    Venus & the Cat limited edition base stamp

  • Each piece is unique in its making, passing through more than twenty pairs of skilled hands before it reaches yours. Each piece originates from the same custom-made Venus & the Cat moulds and exclusively commissioned art, but is then hand-poured, cast, fettled and sponged, fired, glazed, meticulously silkscreened (with individually hand-mixed colours) and finished by the lithographer for precise design matching. No two pieces are ever exactly the same. 

  • Each limited edition piece arrives with a small card of authenticity hand signed and numbered by the artist.

    Venus & the Cat authentic signed card

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