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Jessica Doyle - The Telegraph

"This poppy, colourful pot by artist
Katrina Russell-Adams will turn
greenery into a playful focal point."

People of print

"Venus & the Cat’s ethos is sustainable
luxury: beautiful, functional objects,
sustainably made in a process that
employs local materials, talent and economy. "

Dani Howell - Design milk

"Only 50 of these limited-edition
vases were made...
that makes this a pretty damn
special gift."

decor punk

"Venus & the Cat sits at the intersection of three expanding markets.
Firstly, for sustainable, high quality British-made homeware.
Secondly, the rapidly growing indoor plant market. Thirdly, the burgeoning popularity of the street art form"

Jane o'Neill - Commercial interior design

"We love this new range of fancy china
meets bold graffiti"