Who is ATMA? 

    Inhale. ATMA is a street artist, mural painter and designer. Working with purpose, people and space. To engage, inspire and transform. Exhale.

    What kind of art does ATMA do?
    ATMA is an international street artist, mural painter and designer driven by upliftism. Through his use of bold colours, sharp lines and natural patterns, he tells stories in large scale. To engage, impact and transform. ATMA is the Sanskrit word for ‘Soul’.

    His work transcends locations & status: you can find his signature in (and on) council estates, private homes, motorways, high streets, hidden corners, capitals, cities, villages, restaurants, corporate offices, community centres, schools, art galleries & museums, across 10 countries.

    You can find out more about ATMA at his website here
    And you can watch The Soak Up interviews with ATMA here

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    2 products