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Charley Peters interviews: THE SOAK UP #6

For THE SOAK UP episode 6 from Venus & the Cat we took a virtual visit to the home of renowned British artist Dr. Charley Peters. Charley is enormously engaging and hugely passionate about her work and the art world around her and you can't fail to feel it when listening to her speak. If art is your passion then this is a must watch for you. Our video interview with Charley is split in to 3 snackable chapters.

Who is Charley Peters?
Charley Peters is a London-based contemporary artist and Doctor of Fine Art Theory, sitting as senior lecturer at the University of Fine Arts, London. She has exhibited globally and worked for some of the world biggest brands.

What is Charley Peters known for?
Charley Peters creates complex multi-layered pieces of mixed media depicting the abstraction of the modern digital world.

Where can I buy artwork by Charley Peters?
You will find all of Charley Peters' available work at her website her

The Charley Peters interview: THE SOAK UP #6:

THE SOAK UP Episode 6.1 from Venus & the Cat with Dr. Charley Peters covers having a noisy mind, washing machines, stillness and intuition through art, thinking vs feeling, the influence of the studio and external environment on your work, the 'always on' of the creative process, watching murder docs to switch off, the person behind and within the art, the emotion within colour palettes and the translation of your work.

MASSIVE APOLOGIES for the lockdown wi-fi break-ups. There's a bit of buffering throughout on our side - 8 and 11 mins are a touch sketchy, but Charley is perfectly audible throughout and that's all that matters!

THE SOAK UP episode 6.2 with Charley Peters discusses painting intuitively, preparation and ideas, getting a projector, the experience of your art IRL, order from chaos, layering multimedia and creating surface depth and composition, visual language, the briefing and creation process and ownership of your work. Plus some f-bombs ;)

THE SOAK UP episode 6.3 with Charley Peters talks about 3D work and ceramics (and not wanting to touch pottery!), on blowing up kilns, NFTs and the "garbage bandwagon", taking a break from art post PHD, academia, returning to art and developing and growing in style, daydreaming, constant internal monologues and having a busy mind.

Listen to Charley's playlist on Spotify here

Check out Charley Peters on Instagram here

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