Dave White artist Interview with Venus & the Cat

The Dave White interview: THE SOAK UP #15

For THE SOAK UP episode 15 we were honoured to get some time in with Dave White, a modern icon of British contemporary art.

Who is Dave White?
Once famously tagged by the Independent as "the UK's Andy Warhol", Dave White is one of Britain's most instantly recognisable modern fine artists.

What is Dave White known for?
Dave White is renowned for his multi-media style of expressionist realism and the 'drips' associated with his oil work, as well as his long-standing focus on nature.

Where can I buy artwork by Dave White?
Dave White is represented by a limited group of gallerists so the best place to start would always be his official site here

The Dave White interview: THE SOAK UP #15:

 You can find Dave White on the web here

You can find Dave White on Instagram here 

You can listen to Dave's curated Spotify playlist here

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