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The Remi Rough interview x Venus & the Cat: THE SOAK UP #2

For THE SOAK UP episode 2 from Venus & the Cat we were welcomed, virtually of course, into the studio of style writing and fine art legend Remi Rough. Remi generously shared a lot of his time and plenty of insights into his work and life that we'd certainly never heard before (did you know about the 'Lord of the Rings' work?). It comes in three 15-minute slices for your viewing pleasure.

THE SOAK UP episode 2.1 covers off how it all began for Remi Rough, growing up on the graff scene, influences, evolution of styles, banksy, graff vs street art and more besides. Note, artists don't always have fibre optics in their studios, so there's a little freezing of the picture in the early minutes and mid-way through, but the sound quality is perfect - sit back and relax and check the opinions from a master of the form.

In the THE SOAK UP episode 2.2 we talk to Remi about his upcoming plans, artistic ambitions, where it all began, Jackson Pollock, his work in graphic design, the aim of perfection vs expressionism, how a piece comes together, the connectivity between style writing and fine art, the importance of documentation in the lineage of modern and contemporary art, getting stuck in brambles, not eating sweets or getting too pissed at your opening nights.

In the THE SOAK UP episode 2.3 we talk to Remi about his school art (and a not to be missed story about his GCSE art project), art education, favourite galleries, tap dancing and ballet at Italia Conti, cooking, making music and The Dead Can Rap, Remi's Spotify Playlist (see below for link) and PJoys - Remi's sustainable PJ brand.

Check out Remi Rough's playlist on Spotify here

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