Carl Cashman X Venus & the Cat

Carl Cashman’s Neometric art – a unique style of neon-palette geometry – has featured in galleries and sold out solo exhibitions all around the world. Cashman creates complex visual concepts juxtaposing colour, shade, dimension and depth, producing an optical illusory impact on the viewer. Moreover, he applies techniques such as using UV reactive paint or neon mixes to bring his work a unique vibrancy and a wholly different dimension under lighting.

Carl’s work feeds off personal experiences of warehouse raves and pixelated video games and uniquely marries the inspiration of acid house rave with the post modernism of De Stijl’s neoplasticists.

His work for Venus & the Cat, entitled ‘Social Distancing’, is poignant to its time and place. Cashman isolates colour, dynamism, character and personality with stark negative space in one unified work, bringing together many isolated elements, stretching across a canvass without edges.

Cashman remains resolutely traditional in technique, preferring to bring a concept to life using pencil and paint, a ruler, art tape, a compass and a protractor, than using any Digital method. For Venus & the Cat, Carl painted his bespoke commission traditionally, which is then transferred into silkscreen for firing into the surface of the fine bone china of his vase. Given the nature of the material each colour representation is hand mixed and fired to match its master original, and in that sense will always be in itself completely unique.

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3 products