Katrina Russell Adams

The Katrina Russell Adams interview x Venus & the Cat: THE SOAK UP #8

For THE SOAK UP episode 8 from Venus & the Cat we caught up with our very own collaborator Katrina Russell Adams in her own South London studio. Katrina is a lot of fun to discuss art with, hugely engaging, brutally honest and a real breath of fresh air. Our interview comes in four snackable chapters.

THE SOAK UP Episode 8.1 with Katrina Russell Adams. We talk about setting up shop, Only Fans subscriptions, Instagram algorithms, being seen and valued and branding yourself as an artist, becoming 'legitimate', KAWS dolls and perceived value and finding value in art ownership.

In THE SOAK UP Episode 8.2 with Katrina Russell Adams we discuss losing motivation, becoming a professional artist, self doubt and mental health challenges, slowing down and giving yourself space, the artist behind the work and finding those layers of meaning in the work by understanding the artist, their moods, emotions and influence.

In THE SOAK UP Episode 8.3 with Katrina Russell Adams we discuss composition and materials, the process and formulation of an idea, design vs experimentation, being shit at drawing, the recognition and appreciation of the thought process and meaning, matters of taste and Katrina's evolving styles.

In THE SOAK UP Episode 8.4 with Katrina Russell Adams we talk about school art, advice, being a stoic hippy, public sculpture and artistic dreams, symbolism in work and what Katrina would tell the world if she had 30 seconds.

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