Katrina Russell-Adams: "Tools of the Trade" / Venus & the Cat - Limited First Edition

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"Tools of the Trade" by Katrina Russell-Adams
Katrina Russell-Adams uses the ceramic craftsmanship process to inform the shapes and themes of her work, embodying the production of the piece within its own aesthetic.

Katrina Russell-Adams
Katrina Russell-Adams' practice is deeply informed by the joyful clash of diversity, shapes, the people and places in her surroundings and the key stories behind the subject of her work.
Katrina’s playful, bold work has flourished across both the streets and galleries of London, commanding both private and public commissions of her dynamic prints, murals, installations and sculpture from the likes of Adidas, ITV, Miss Pom Pom and Urban Outfitters.
Her work continually evolves in style as it draws inspiration from the history, architecture, colour and cultures of her environment. Bold and seemingly simple shapes are used to create images and moving sculpture that draw viewers into their own journey of discovery.

The Venus & the Cat indoor pot

The Venus & the Cat pot was designed for one purpose, to stand unashamedly out from the crowd. The pot delivers impact through both bold size yet intricate shaping and dynamic, bespoke street art. Crafted in Fine Bone China the Venus & the Cat pot is uncommonly delicate for its size, yet strong enough to last a lifetime. The breadth of canvass gives the artist space to explore an engaging, perpetual composition. The pot is sized with intent to fit medium indoor plants.
This Venus & the Cat pot unites a bespoke composition from Katrina Russell-Adams – one of London’s most diversely creative street artists – and over 130 years of pottery experience from Duchess China 1888.
Each unique pot represents the finest in quality British-made homeware, passing through more than twenty pairs of skilled hands in its creation, as the pure essence of slow quality is brought to life.
Each Venus & the Cat pot is hand poured, fettled, glazed and beautifully silkscreened to create a colour and impact unmatched on any lesser material.

- Height: 155 mm 
- Diameter: 215 mm 
- Base diameter: 152 mm
- Fine Bone China width: 4mm
- Material: UK made Fine Bone China 
- Indoor use – no drainage hole in base 
- Limited First Edition 50 pieces, uniquely numbered on back stamp
- Limited First Edition 50 pieces accompanied by A5 art print, signed by Katrina Russell-Adams 
- Back stamped with the Duchess 1888 sign of British made authenticity

*At the conclusion of the Limited First Edition the non-exclusive Second Edition will be available at lower RRP. Sign up to our email alerts from the homepage to stay informed. 

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