fine bone china vase by Carl Cashman
Carl Cashman Social Distancing Venus & the Cat fine bone chine vase
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Fine Bone China Vase | "Social Distancing" by Carl Cashman | Limited Edition

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"Social Distancing" is a beautiful tall vase designed for Venus & the Cat by Carl Cashman. This is an exclusive commission from the artist for Venus & the Cat, immaculately silkscreened onto our signature English fine bone china vase (10 inches).

Each vase is hand produced by more than twenty craftsmen in the heart of the British Potteries and carries the Duchess China 1888 backstamp, alongside its unique edition number. It arrives to you with an authenticity card, signed and numbered by the artist. This vase is in a limited edition run of 50.

Who is Carl Cashman?

British ‘Neometric’ artist Carl Cashman has featured in galleries and held solo exhibitions all around the world. Cashman creates complex visual concepts juxtaposing colour, shade, dimension and depth, producing an optical illusory impact on the viewer. 

What is a Limited Edition?
A Limited Edition run refers to the restricted amount that are produced. Only 50 Carl Cashman vases were made, making them rare and highly valuable. They will never be reproduced.

Does the vase carry a backstamp?
Yes, on the base of the vase there is a backstamp. It is a stamp of the pottery that produced the ware (Duchess China 1888 in Longton, Stoke on Trent), as well as the Venus & the cat logo and the unique edition number of the vase (i.e. 20/50).