Katrina Russell Adams organic T-shirt for Venus & the Cat
John Yabrifa wearing Katrina Russell Adams Tee from Venus & the Cat
Tee-shirt by Katrina Russell Adams for Venus & the Cat
Katrina Russell Adams organic T-shirt for Venus & the Cat

Organic Cotton Unisex T-shirt by Venus & the Cat | Designed by Katrina Russell Adams | Vintage White

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Discover the epitome of sustainable fashion with our Organic Cotton Unisex T-shirt, from renowned art brand Venus & the Cat, designed by contemporary artist Katrina Russell Adams. Crafted from 100% organic cotton, our GMO-free fabric undergoes a completely chemical-free production process, ensuring environmental sustainability at every step.

Printed with 100% solvent-free water-based ink, our Vintage White T-shirt reflects our commitment to eco-conscious practices. Proudly produced and printed in the UK by STANLEY/STELLA, each shirt bears the esteemed PETA approval and Vegan accreditation, aligning with our values of cruelty-free fashion.

As advocates for fair labour practices, our T-shirts are produced by Living Wage employers and are Fair Wear Foundation certified. Moreover, they boast the prestigious Global Organic Textile Standard certification, printed using 100% renewable energy sources. Embrace style with a conscience – wear our T-shirt and make a statement for sustainable living.


Who designed this Venus & the Cat T-shirt?
This T-shirt was designed by British abstract artist Katrina Russell-Adams. Her bold work can be seen across both the streets and galleries of London, commanding both private and public exhibitions and commissions of her dynamic prints, murals, installations and sculpture from the likes of Adidas and Urban Outfitters.

What does this Venus & the Cat T-shirt design feature?
The Katrina Russell-Adams T-shirt features a tryptic of bespoke designs for Venus & the Cat. They are each 1 of 1 pieces, inspired by the ceramic process that goes into creating the limited edition fine bone china pot ‘Tools of the Trade’. The tryptic is completed by the designs ‘The Foundations’ and ‘Underprop’.

What is Venus & the Cat T-shirt made from?
Our T-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton. It is entirely GMO free fabric, undergoes a completely chemical free production and is printed with 100% solvent-free water-based ink. Absolutely no harmful substances are used in creating Venus & the Cat T-shirts.

What colour is the Venus & the Cat Hatch T-shirt?
This T-shirt is Vintage White.

Who makes the Venus & the Cat T-shirt?
Our T-shirts are produced and printed in the UK by STANLEY/STELLA.

Is the Venus & the Cat T-shirt ethically made?
Our T-shirts are PETA approved and have Vegan accreditation. All Venus & the Cat threads are produced by a Living Wage employer and are Fair Wear Foundation certified.

Is the Venus & the Cat T-shirt sustainable?
Our T-shirts are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and are printed using 100% renewable energy.

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Togs: John Yabrifa PhotographyMrs PBTT
Models - Katrina Russell-Adams, Barney Worfolk-Smith & John Yabrifa
Kat togged in the studio of - Remi Rough